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2020-11-11 WOD


Today we pay tribute to Veterans by taking part in a Hero WOD. The Lyons features 5 rounds of squat cleans, shoulder to overhead, and burpee pull-ups. This is meant to be physically and mentally challenging. We’ll be looking for consistent, but fast times across all 5 rounds.


  • Mobility

    • Banded hips

    • Scorpions

    • Banded external rotations

    • Bird Dogs

  • 2 Rounds of Empty Bar circuit x 5 reps each

    • Good mornings

    • Back squats

    • Strict press

    • Front rack elbows

    • Front squats


The Lyon

5 Rounds for time:

7 Squat cleans

7 Shoulder to overhead

7 Burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest 2 min. between rounds




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