2020-12-03 WOD


Today’s WOD is a little different. We’ll have 5 rounds of 40 reps per round. Each round will begin with a 60 second row for max calories, and finish with Turkish get-ups to make up the remaining repetitions. I.E. if you row 25 calories in 60 seconds, you’ll have 15 TGUs to complete the round. If you row 15 calories, you’ll have 25 TGUs to complete in that round. Rest as needed between rounds, knowing that a calorie rowed will most likely be faster than a full TGU rep. Heavy breathing coupled with heavy bracing.



  • Shoulder circle circuit

  • Dead bugs x 10 each

  • Bird dogs x 10 each

  • Turkish Get-up review


  • 5 Rounds

  • 60 second Row (building pace each round)

  • 10 Bear/crabs

  • 10 Weighted sit-ups


5 rounds for time:

Max-calorie row in 60 seconds

Turkish get-ups

♀ 25-lb. TGU ♂ 50-lb. TGU


5 min walk/bike/row

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