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Mobility Challenge Day 6

Stiff hips are for the birds!

Today we’ll be spending time in a standing pigeon pose. The goal here is to increase range of motion in the hips by stretching the lateral glute

Areas of focus:

  • Elevate the leg to hip level. Using a bar stool or tall chair will allow the foot to hang off, relieving tension in the knee

  • Stay active. Keep yourself moving through different positions, don’t stay static.

  • Try to accumulate 5 minutes or more per side throughout the day.

  • 5 min squat hold today- keep balance, move in and out of tension. Don’t worry if your back is rounded here. We are spending time in the end range position. Spend some time wit your feet in a wide stance (still maintain neutral foot forward position), driving elbows into the inner knee to bring the chest up and engage the hips and adductors

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