WOD - Friday 2021-02-26


Today’s WOD is a games open repeat workout from 2012. The repeat workout will challenge cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina throughout the entire body. The box jumps are to a moderate height and consider stepping down to conserve energy and allow for continuous reps with minimum rest needed during. Push presses are done with a lighter load that should allow unbroken reps for the first couple rounds then strive to not need any more than 2 sets per round. Toes to bars will be taxing on the grip and should be broken up from the beginning to help prevent muscle failure. Strive for 6+ rounds in this workout.


Mobility - 2 rounds

  • Jump rope - 60s

  • Straight leg sit ups to toe touch - 10 reps

  • Push ups - 10 reps

  • Reverse lunges - 10 reps

  • Standing calf stretch - 45s per side


Toes-to-bar specific

  • 10 Kip swings

  • 2 kipping knee raises

  • 2 kipping knees to elbows

  • 2 kipping toes to bar

Push press specific w/ PVC then empty barbell - 5 reps per movement

  • Dip and Hold

  • Dip and drive

  • Push Press

2 Rounds for build up to WOD height and weight

  • 5 step ups + 3 Box jumps

  • 5 push presses - increase load

  • 3 toes-to-bars or knee raises


Workout 12.3

Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 minutes:

15 Box Jumps

12 Push presses

9 toes-to-bars

♀ 20-in box, 75-lb presses

♂ 24-in box, 115-lb presses


Shoulder stretch

Calf stretch

Samson stretch

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