WOD - Thursday 2021-01-28


Today’s WOD is a new benchmark called Andi. It consists of 4 exercises with 100 repetitions a piece and will be completed Chipper style which means you will complete all 100 repetitions of 1 movement before moving on to the next. Hang power snatches, push presses, sumo deadlift high pulls and front squats will be completed with a light barbell load. The goal is to finish the 400 repetitions as fast as possible while taking short breaks to allow continuous movement.



  • Prayer stretch on foam roller x30sec

  • T-spine stretch and reach with foam roller and barbell x1min

  • Banded tricep stretch x30 sec per side

  • Samson stretch x30 sec per side

  • Trap mash with barbell

Activation w/PVC

  • PNF

  • Pass throughs

  • Around the world

  • Movement technique for lifts

2 Rounds - 5 reps per movement - 1 round w/empty barbell - 2nd round with WOD weight



For Time

100 Hang Power Snatches

100 Push Presses

100 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls

100 Front Squats

♀ 45-lbs ♂65-lbs


Banded shoulder stretch

Foam roll quads/hamstrings

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