WOD - Tuesday 2020-12-15


Today’s WOD focuses on rowing intervals and recovery.  There are 10 rounds in total, each one for time - your score will be your slowest round.  Each round consists of 50, 100, and 250 meter SPRINTS.  We will keep our rest equal to work time during each round, but rest as needed before beginning the next round.  Skill work will focus on fast starts, reaching race pace by our 5th pull.



  • Hamstring roll x 1 min each

  • Walking lunges w/ ankle stretch x 2 lengths

  • Ring rows w/ pause at chest x 10


  • 2 min. Row, focus on smooth mechanics

  • 5 Pull starts

  • Tempo work - Stroke speed vs. Boat speed


10 Rounds

50m Row

100m Row

250m Row

Rest as needed

*Equal work/rest on each row distance


Quad & hamstring stretch

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