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WOD - Monday 2021-03-01


Kicking off the month of march with some back squats! 5 sets of 5 loaded at 75% or more of our 1 rep max. If you don’t have a current 1rm, we’ll build throughout the 5 sets to just shy of a 5rm. We’ll finish things off with some pallof presses and suitcase carries to solidify that core. Focus on keeping that tripod foot and hitting a depth your mobility allows.



  • 10 slow air squats

  • Banded hip mobilization x 60s each

  • Banded ankle mobilization x 60s each

  • 10 slow banded squats

3 sets

  • 12 reverse lunges

  • 10 curl ups

  • 5 single box jumps

10 min to build to working weight on bar


Back Squats



3 Rounds

10 Pallof press each side (sloooooow)

2 laps suitcase carry


Couch stretch

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