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WOD - Thursday 2021-02-25


Today’s WOD is a couplet of front squats and rope climbs. The front squat weight will be one that we could ideally go through each round with unbroken reps. The rope climbs will be to 15ft or from the floor to a standing position then back down to the floor. Keep the transitions quick and try to avoid long rest periods to keep the intensity high.



  • PNF shoulder external rotation w/PVC - 1 min per side

  • Banded tricep stretch - 1 min per side

  • Banded pigeon stretch - 1 min per side

  • Forearm stretch - 1 min

Activation - 3 rounds to build to WOD weight

  • 5 Front squats

  • 3 Chin ups

  • 1 Rope climb from floor to standing position then back to floor


10 - 1 reps for Time:

Front Squats

1 rope climb after each round

♀ 95lb ♂ 135lb


Forearm stretch

Couch stretch

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