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2020-11-04 WOD


CrossFit Total. Today’s goal is to put up our best effort on 3 major lifts - back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift. We will get 3 attempts at each lift, not including the warm-up sets. We’ll look at a 12 minute window for each lift.



  • Hamstring Roll x 60s each side

  • Glute Roll x 60s each side

  • Banded Pigeon x 60s each side

  • Low back Roll x 60s each side


  • Glute Bridges

  • Monster Walk

  • Banded External Rotation

  • Yogi Push-ups w/ prone angel


CrossFit Total

  • Back Squat, 1 Rep

  • Shoulder Press, 1 Rep

  • Deadlift, 1 Rep


Quad mash

Hamstring mash

Banded shoulder stretch

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