2020-11-05 WOD


Today we’ll be testing ourselves in another of the 2020 CrossFit Games events. This one is intended to be a SPRINT. We should be looking for unbroken (max of 2 sets) efforts on lunges and toes to bar (or whichever variation is appropriate). Lunges should be a Heavy effort, while the core work on the bar should be sustainable for all repetitions. Leg or knee raises are an excellent substitute (we can even add a medicine ball for added challenge here). Then we’ll finish the day with a little bit of sled work.



  • Banded front rack x 60s each side

  • Wall hinge x 60s

  • Quad roll x 60s each side

  • Banded lat stretch x 60s each side

Activation (2 Rounds)

  • 1 min. Jumping Jacks

  • 10 Single arm KB swings (each side)

  • 10 KB Goblet squats

  • 10 Single arm KB Push press (each side)

  • 10 Single arm KB Rows (each side)

  • 30 Sec. Samson stretch

Toes to Bar prep:

  • Kip swings

  • Kips swings + knee raises

  • Kip swings + toes to bar

  • Full reps


For Time:

30-20-10 Reps

Toes to bar

Kettlebell walking lunges


Couch stretch

Glute roll

Forearm mash

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