2020-11-12 WOD


Today’s WOD is a 12 min Amrap with an ascending ladder of repetitions in Kettlebell swings and Box jump overs. Focus is on hip power and keeping the posterior chain engaged throughout the full workout. Choose a KB weight that you think you can hold onto for each round remembering your grip will be challenged in the later rounds.


  • Mobility

  • Glute Roll

  • Squat w/ T-spine rotation

  • Banded Spidermans

  • Banded Pigeon

  • Activation

  • SLRDLs

  • Glute Bridges

  • Daisy pickers


Amrap 12:

3-6-9-12, etc Increasing by 3 reps each round

Kettlebell swings

Box jump overs




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