2020-11-23 WOD


Today’s WOD is a lifting complex consisting of a thruster, push press, push jerk, and split jerk. We will have 7 attempts to find a 1rm for this complex. This is a complex, which means we will perform all 4 lifts in sequence without putting the barbell down. If you need to drop the bar (due to weight or breakdown in form) that will count as a miss. If you fail a weight twice, decrease the load and continue on. Last weeks’ push press triples should serve as a guide for loading goals.



  • PND external rotation

  • PVC prayer stretch

  • PVC dislocations + around the world

Warmup x2 Rounds

  • 60 sec Jumping jacks

  • 10 Squats

  • 30s High plank

  • 10 Split squats each

  • Yogi push-ups w/prone angel


Thruster-Push Press-Push Jerk-Split Jerk Complex



Shoulder stretch

Tricep mash

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