2020-11-26 Gobble Til You Wobble!!!


Today’s WOD is our traditional Gobble Till You Wobble. This workout consists of 4 exercises with 100 reps each. Goblet squats, kettlebell swings, lunges and snatches will be completed chipper style, which means you complete all 100 reps of 1 exercise before you move onto the next. The kicker is you start the workout with 5 burpees, and continue to perform 5 burpees at the top of each minute until you finish your final rep of the final movement. Come have some fun with the gym family the only way we know how “sweaty and happy” before celebrating and giving thanks for health, happiness and family



  • Hamstring/Glute roll/quad roll-60s

  • Banded Spider-Man/pigeons-60s

  • Banded Lat/shoulder stretch-60s


  • 3 Rounds w/ KB

  • 5-Thrusters

  • 5-Goat Bags

  • 5-Alt Lunges

  • 5-Burpees


Gobble Til You Wobble

For Time:

100 Gobbler Squats (goblet squats)

100 Gravy Ladle Swings (single arm swings)

100 Turkey Struts (kb/db lunges)

100 Stuffing Snatches (kb/db snatches)

*5 Burpees top of every minute


Quad mash

Hamstring mash

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