2020-11-30 WOD


Today’s WOD is a couplet of power snatches and double unders. This will be a breather. High rep snatches and short sets of jump rope means minimal rest on the barbell. We’ll want to plan ahead and take intentional breaks on the barbell reps, while we look to push through the jump rope work as quickly as possible. Legs, core, shoulders, grip - this will tax everything.



  • Cat/Cows

  • Spiderman x 5 each

  • Scorpions x 10 each

  • PVC dislocations + around the world


  • Bergener warmup

  • 60 sec singles

  • Empty bar power snatch x 10

  • 30 sec doubles

  • 4 Tabata Rounds

  • Power snatch

  • Double unders


For time:

5 Rounds

20 Power Snatch 65/95 (or max 55%)

50 Double unders


Trap mash

Hamstrings and calves

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