FRIDAY 2020-10-07


Upper body Strength. That’s the name of the game today. Bodyweight Bench Press and Legless rope climbs will provide us with complementary pushing and pulling movement, testing our ability to adapt when we change from the standard pull-up or overhead press. We will look to a medium/heavy load on the barbell (65%) if unable to bench your bodyweight. Rope climbs can be modified to pulls from the floor, utilizing the legs for assistance as needed.



  • Bicep mash - x 60s each side

  • Forearm mash x 60s each side

  • Tricep mash x 60s each side

Activation: 3 Rounds x 30s each

  • Glute bridge

  • Scap push-up

  • Ring rows

  • External rotations


Rope climb/pull Technique

  • Start in a sitting position, leaving feet rest on the ground, pulling to stand with arms

  • Practice raising hips from the floor earlier in the pull to increase difficulty

  • Holding an L-sit during the pull is our most difficult variation

Bench Press - build to working weight

  • Take 4-5 sets to build to working weight


Amrap 20 min

Bench Press (bodyweight)

Legless Rope Climbs (total feet)


Forearm stretch

Tricep mash

Pec mash


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