Nutrition Tip of the Day.

Getting Back on Track

Giving yourself a “why” or a reason that you are doing something such as trying to focus on your diet and nutrition is important to the process. Establishing within yourself the reason why you’re going to restrict yourself from certain foods or not eat a certain way should be your main focus when looking at your diet. The old saying “we are what we eat” has a strong place in the fitness world. The food that we eat establishes how are metabolic processes are going to take place. If we eat foods high in saturated fats, lots of sugar and lots of processed ingredients our bodies functions will not be optimal. However, if we consume the right foods such as lean meats, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and we limit or eliminate added sugars and processed ingredients from our food choices our bodies functions will work at peak performance.

The holidays are a hard time when it comes to eating healthy and limiting sugars, sweets and foods that we normally wouldn’t eat. It is OK to give yourself some treats and fall off your nutrition plan once in a while knowing that it will end shortly and you will get right back on track. It doesn’t have to be hard to get back on track after a holiday weekend or a slip up in our diet. The feelings of guilt and regret do not need to creep inside the mind and bring you down making you feel like you’ve done something wrong, by not following your diet. Looking at these moments as a fresh start is a much better mindset to have and remaining focused on your goals and the reasons “why” you’re deciding to eat a certain way, will set you up for success after the holidays when getting back on track with your food and drink choices, snack options and portion sizes.

Stay Fit, Stay Strong and Stay Positive

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