WEDNESDAY 2020-10-07


Today’s WOD will focus on smooth barbell movement with limited breaks, followed by controlled gymnastic strength.  Bars should be loaded  with a medium/light weight, allowing the initial 21-15-9 reps to be completed unbroken, potentially 2 sets on the back end.  Ring dips should be completed within 2-3 sets initially.



  • Rotator Smash - lacrosse ball x 60s each side

  • PNF Internal Shoulder Rotation x 60s each side

  • Low Back Foam Roll x 60s each side

  • Pec MashLow Back Foam Roll x 60s each side

Amrap 6 min

  • 10 Scap push-up

  • 10 Plate GTO

  • 10 Hollow rocks


SDHP Technique

  • PVC work, focus on full extension before high-pull

Ring dips

  • Stability, modifications



SDHP (75/55)

Ring dips


Trap mash

Tricep mash

Pec mash

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