WOD - 2021-04-29


Today we are going to take on Hero WOD Manion. First Lieutenant Manion was from Doylestown and assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force. He died on April 29, 2007 during a firefight in Anbar Province, Iraq and he is survived by his Mom, Dad and Sister. The workout is 7 rounds for time of back squats and running. The high volume of back squats will need to be broken up early and often but shouldn’t need more than 3 sets per round. The run is a quick break from the squats to stretch the legs and get ready for the next round. Legs are going to be heavy on this one but remember “All gave some,some gave all”.



  • Spiderman stretch cycle - 5 per side

  • Squat to stand - 1 min - fingers under toes

  • Banded hip flexor stretch - 1 min per side

  • Banded pigeon stretch - 1 min per side

  • Calf raise on plate - 1 min

Dynamic Warm Up

  • Leg swings x10 per - front/back, side to side

  • Daisy pickers - down n back

  • Walking lunges - down n back

  • Squat jumps x10 reps

Build up - 3 rounds

  • 15 Squats - empty barbell

  • ½ lap run

  • 10 Squats - light/moderate weight

  • ½ lap run

  • 5 Squats - WOD weight

  • ½ lap


Hero WOD Manion

7 Rounds For Time

400m Run

29 Back Squats

♀ 95lbs ♂ 135lbs


Couch stretch

Foam roll quads

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