WOD - Friday 2021-01-15


Today’s WOD is a Chipper style workout using the Med Ball for the entire workout. The workout will consist of Med Ball Cleans and Med Ball Push Presses. Focus will be on good movement patterns and taking short breaks as needed. During the med ball cleans we will focus on fully extending the hips then quickly dropping back down into the squat position, rotating our hands around the outside of the ball and not curling it towards us. Med Ball Push Press shots will be to a 9/10 ft target and focus on short dips to create momentum upwards as you release the ball, then catching the ball and absorbing the impact directly into the next rep. Shoulders and legs will be taxed on this workout so take short breaks as needed and focus on form and technique.


  • Trap mash on ball x30s per side

  • Tricep mash on ball x30s per arm

  • T-spine reach with foam roller x60s

  • Foam roll rotators x30s per side


  • Banded Good Mornings x10

  • Banded Squats x10

  • Banded OH Presses x10

  • PVC PNF Shoulder Ext Rotation x10 per

  • PVC Wall Squat x10 reps


Med Ball Cleans

Med Ball Push Press


For Time:

42 Med Ball Cleans

21 Med Ball Push Press

30 Med Ball Cleans

15 Med Ball Push Press

18 Med Ball Cleans

9 Med Ball Push Press


Samson Stretch

Cat/Cow stretch

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