WOD - Friday 2021-01-22


Today’s WOD is an endurance based workout, Run 3000 meters for time. This is far from a sprint workout and will allow you to work on pacing yourself for a longer period of time. Focus on staying relaxed in the shoulders and allowing the arms to swing freely thinking hip pocket to eye socket for arm motion. Keep a forward lean nose over toes and try to prevent hard stomping staying active on the balls of your feet. If you are a natural runner this could be a good time to add short sprints during the run to increase the intensity of the run. Dress warm and wear running shoes for this one.



  • Spidermans w/ hamstring stretch x5 per

  • Banded Ankles x1 min

  • Banded Hip stretch x1 min


  • Leg Swings - F/B, L/R x10 per

  • SL Calf raises on plate x20 per

  • Squat to stand x10 - feet under toes

Daisy Pickers

Frankenstein walks

High knee runners

Butt kickers


Wall Runs w/ pause


For Time:

Run 3000 meters


Foam calves/hamstrings

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