WOD - Friday 2021-01-29


Today’s WOD is a couplet of 400 m runs and handstand holds. Four rounds will be completed for time starting with a 400 m run and then accumulating 1 minute of a handstand hold. For the run do not sprint out the gate and down the hill, rather conserve your energy for the turn around and push the pace on the back 200m into the gym. The handstand hold is just long enough it may need to be broken up into 2 sets to achieve 1 minute of hold time. If handstand holds are not doable a handstand hold with feet on a box or a high plank will be the alternate.



  • Thread the needle on foam roller x10 per

  • Spiderman’s w/hamstring stretch x5 per

  • Banded tricep stretch x30 sec per side

  • Trap mash with ball x30 sec per

  • Pec Stretch on rig x30 sec per


  • Calf raise on plate x1 min per

  • Squat to stand x1 min - hands under toes

  • Leg Swings x10 each way

Tabata: Wall runs/Overhead plate hold


4 Rounds For Time:

400-m run

1 minute Handstand Hold


Banded shoulder/lat stretch

Foam roll calves/hamstrings

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