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WOD - Friday 2021-02-05


Today’s WOD is a task priority couplet of pull-ups and running. The volume of pull-ups is going to cause us to need to break them up into sets to complete 30 reps each round. If you do not have strict pull-ups, choose a pull variation that is challenging and allows you to complete 10 reps unbroken in the beginning. The 400 m run is just enough to give the upper body a break and should be strived to be completed as fast as possible.



  • 5 spidermans w/ hamstring stretch - per

  • Banded pigeon stretch - 60s per side

  • Banded hip deflection - 60s per side

  • Banded lat pull-downs - 20 reps

  • Banded rows - 20 reps

Activation - 2 rounds

  • 10 scap rows

  • 5 ring rows - 3 sec hold at top

  • Walking daisy pickers

  • High knee skips

  • 10 strict mountain climbers


3 Rounds For Time

30 pull-ups

400 m run


Banded lat stretch

Hamstring/calf stretch

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