WOD - Friday 2021-02-12


Today’s WOD tests will challenge an athletes capacity. The toes-to-bar and ring dips attempts will test stamina and muscular endurance. The first set of each movement will be performed at a max effort. Allow 2 to 3 minutes rest between movements to be able to perform quality sets for the remaining sets. The broad jumps will test jumping power and capacity. The 2,000 meter row does not count towards our monthly challenge but this will allow you to challenge your pace and see how your capacity has increased over a longer period of time. We will modify toes-to-bar and ring dips if 10 reps cannot be completed on our first sets.


Mobility - 2 rounds

  • 1 minute Jumping jacks

  • 30 seconds dive bombers

  • 30 seconds reverse plank hold

  • 10 Air squats


TTB Prep

  • 20 second bar hang

  • 10 kip swings

  • 5 kipping knee raises

  • 3 TTB or straight leg raises

Ring Dip Prep

  • 2 sets of 5 second ring support hold

  • 3 slow eccentric ring dips

  • 3 ring dips

Broad Jump prep

  • 2 sets of 20 lateral jumps

  • 3 broad jumps pausing in landing position - soft knee bend and absorb impact of landing

Row Prep

  • Row 250 meters and increase pace every 50 meters until 500 meters rowed


Make 3 attempts at each of the following

Max set of toes-to-bars

Max set of ring dips

Broad jump for distance


2,000 meters rowed for time


1 minute pigeon stretch each side

1 minute foam roll back