WOD - Friday 2021-02-19


Today’s WOD is a strength training session with the focus to test lower body strength. We will build across the 5 sets to a heavy set of 5. The focus is on a strong supportive upper body position, good bar path (chest and hips rise together), equal load through the foot and keeping the elbows high and up. We will start around 75% and increase the load throughout the sets ending with a heavy set of 5. Refrain from putting the weight belt on too early and focus on a strong and braced core to support the load. Take a deep breath at the top of each rep and hold it throughout the rep. Each rep should start with its own deep breath.



  • 3 minute plate squat

  • Prayer stretch with PVC - 60s

  • Wall shoulder stretch - 30s per side

Activation - empty barbell

  • 5 front squats with full grip

  • 5 pause front squats - 3s pause at bottom of each rep

  • 5 front squats

Build up - 5 sets x 60-90s per set - increasing load each set

  • 5-4-3-2-1 in reps

  • Last rep should be 70-75% of estimated heaviest lift for the day


Front Squats


Amrap 7

5 Box jumps

15 American KBS


Pigeon stretch x 60s per side

Couch stretch x60s per side

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