WOD - Friday 2021-03-05


Today we are going to do Eric’s partner workout he programmed for us after winning the monthly challenge. LOTS and LOTS of rowing along with static holds make-up the workout. 1 partner will be rowing while the other holds a static position. After 1000 meters are rowed you will switch to the next static hold and you will continue this pattern until 5000 meters are rowed between you and your partner. There are a total of 5 static hold positions and you can break up the row and the holds as you like between you and your partner.



  • Foam roll - back, glutes, hamstrings

  • Bicep and forearm mash w/ barbell x1 min per

  • Overhead reach w/ foam roller and barbell x1 min

Activation w/ band

  • Banded lat pull downs x1 min

  • Banded high pull w/ press x1 min

  • Banded rows x30s per arm

  • Banded lateral walks x2 laps


Eric’s Awful Rowing WOD w/ Partner

1000m row + Farmer hold w/DB

1000m row + Bent arm hold w/ plate

1000m row + Handstand hold

1000m row + Plank

1000m row + Wall sit

1 partner rows while the other holds a static position. Switch places as needed, only rowing when the other partner is in an active hold.


Forearm and bicep mash with barbell

Banded lat stretch

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