WOD - Friday 2021-04-09


Today we’re going to take 20 minutes and find a 1RM front squat. The front squat work sets will start at approximately 75-80% and increase throughout the sets. The goal is to find a 1 rep max for the day and possibly setting a new PR. Then we will attempt a 1,000m row with the goal being to hold onto your 500m pace throughout the 1,000 meters. Focus on good technique and breathing during the row to allow yourself a solid effort.



  • Banded hip flexor stretch - 1 min per side

  • Banded lat stretch - 1 min per side

  • Banded tricep stretch - 1 min per side

2 min Row

1 Round empty barbell cycle - 5 reps of each

  • Good mornings

  • Back squats

  • Elbow rotations

  • Front squats w/5 second pause - elbows high, chest up, braced core

Then over 5 sets every 90s

  • 5 Front squats w/ light weight

  • 4 Front squats w/light to moderate weight

  • 3 Front squats w/ moderate weight

  • 2 Front squats w/ moderate to heavy weight

  • 1 Front squat w/ 70-75% of estimated 1RM for the day


20 Minutes to find:

Front Squat


1,000m row for time


Pigeon stretch

Couch stretch