WOD - Friday 2021-04-30


Today we are going to work on gymnastic skills. Handstand push ups, ring dips, push ups and rowing will be the focus of the workout. Were going to focus on strict movement patterns for the gymnastic movements and strong leg drive on the rower. There is a built in rest period to allow you enough time to recover and prep for the next set. Tight braced core along with proper breathing patterns will help us achieve good reps with limited breaks during the set.



  • Banded shoulder stretch - 1 min per

  • Banded lat stretch - 1 min per side

  • Banded hip - 1 min per

  • Pec stretch - 1 min per

Warm up

  • PVC Pass throughs x10 reps

  • PVC around the worlds x10 reps

  • PVC PNF stretch x10 per w/3 second pause

  • 2 Min Row

Skill Prep

  • HSPU/Scaled variations

  • Ring dips/box dips

  • Push ups


5 Rounds

5 - Strict HSPU

5 - Strict Ring Dips

5 - Push ups

20/15 - CAL Row

Rest 2 mins


Cat/Cow stretch

Tricep stretch

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