WOD - Monday 2020-12-07


Today is a strength day. Strict press is our main course, with 7 sets of 3 reps. Our goal is to build throughout the volume of work, ending with a heavy 3 for the day. We’ll wrap things up with a little midline and opposing muscle work to keep us balanced. This might also be a good day to sneak in a 50 cal bike effort...



  • Shoulder circle circuit

  • Prone Angels x 10

  • Glute Bridge x 10

  • Handstand hold x 30-60s


  • Focusing on grounding stance (legs extended, butt squeezed, abs tight)

  • 40-50-60-70% warm-up sets

  • First set starts at 75% of 1rm


Strict Press



Pull-ups & Planks

3 sets of 30-60s chin over bar hold & plank holds (per side)


Tricep stretch

Prayer stretch

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