WOD - Monday 2020-12-21


Let’s kick the week off with some hang squat cleans! Building off the idea of last week’s hang squat snatch sets, we’ll be looking to focus on bar path and speed pulling under the bar. We will build over the course of 5 sets to a heavy set of 5 reps (maintaining form and bar speed). These do not need to be rapid fire, but instead we should treat each clean as its own rep. If you need to drop the bar before all 5 reps are complete, it will count as a missed set. If you miss 2 sets in a row, decrease the weight on the bar. Chest up, back tight, bar into hips, FAST pull under.



  • Lat roll x 1 min each

  • T-spine extension x 1 min

  • PVC Shoulders

  • PVC Front Squats

  • Spidermans x 5 each


  • Bergener Warmup

  • 5 Shrugs

  • 5 High pulls

  • 5 Muscle clean

  • 5 Front squats

  • 5 High hang clean

  • 5 Hang clean

  • 5 Mid shin clean


Hang Squat Cleans:



5 sets

Barbell rows x 10

Barbell rollouts x 10


Quad roll

Hamstring stretch

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