WOD - Monday 2021-02-01


Today’s WOD is another variation on the classic pull-up/push-up/squat combination. Strict pull-ups, feet elevated push-ups, and medicine ball cleans comprise our 20 minute Amrap. We should look to set a slightly more challenging than “normal” variation of our pull-ups and push-ups, while adding in a dynamic squat movement. We should expect a similar feeling from last week’s tabata, with a consistent rep scheme. Can you move smoothly through all 20 minutes, keeping consistent and minimal rest?



  • 10 each arm circle variations

  • 10 Spidermans (5 each side)

  • 3 min bottom of squat w/ ankles

Amrap 6

  • 5 ring rows

  • 10 scap push-ups

  • 10 squats

  • Try to move at a steady pace, focusing on tension in each movement


Amrap 20

4 strict pull-ups

8 push-ups with feet on a box

12 med-ball cleans

At home version:

4 odd-object (heavy-ish) rows

8 push-ups with feet on a step or chair

12 double squat burpees (no push-up)*

*Kick out to plank, then squat twice


Shoulder/Pec stretch

Couch stretch x 2 min each side

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