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WOD - Monday 2021-04-05


Kicking off the week with a Snatch 1 rep max test. We’ll spend 20 min building to the best and heaviest snatch we can. No press outs. Power or full squat - whatever allows you to move the most weight efficiently. Should you catch the bar without your arms fully extended and need to “press out” the lift will be a “no rep”. We’ll finish off the day with a toasty 10 min amrap of overhead squats and running.



  • Spidermans x 5 each (elbow drop + reach)

  • Prayer stretch x 45s each

  • 3 min. Plate squat

  • PVC Snatch grip sotts press

PVC & Barbell x 5 reps each

  • Dip shrug

  • High pull

  • Muscle Snatch

  • Snatch Balance

  • Snatch



20 min. to find 1rm

Amrap 10:

400m Run

10 OH Squats @65% of snatch


2 min. Push-ups or

40 Toes to post


Barbell shoulder stretch

Lazy spidermans w/ quad stretch

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