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WOD - Monday 2021-04-12


Kicking the week off with another 1 rep max test - cleans. Squat or power, whichever allows you to move the heaviest weight with good form. We’ll hit some mobility, general warmup, then some clean specific movement to get us ready for the task at hand. Stay tight, be fast.



  • Spidermans x 5 each (elbow drop + reach)

  • Lat stretch x 45s each

  • 3 min plate squat

  • KB windmills x 10 each

2 Rounds x 5 reps

  • Good mornings

  • Back squats

  • Press

  • Elbow rotations

  • Front squats

Clean Prep

  • Pull w/ pause at knee

  • Pull to shrug and hold

  • High hang power

  • Full clean


Clean 1 rep max

20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max


Deadbug Tabata


Trap mash

Quad mash

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