WOD - Monday 2021-04-26


We’re starting the week with some heavy 3 position cleans and an explosive amrap of rowing and box jumps. We’ll focus on firing all of the Go muscles today to move a heavy bar, then keep them going for sprints on the rower and explosive jump efforts on the box. All cleans today should end in a squat unless mobility or other factors are limiting that range of motion.



  • Spidermans x 5 per side

  • Barbell lat stretch x 30s per side

  • 3 Min plate squat

  • Scorpions x 60s

Warm Up

  • 2 min row, nasal breathing only

  • Empty bar standard warmup

  • Clean prep

  • Hang shrug

  • Pull to shrug hold

  • High hang drop


3 Position Cleans

Every 2 minutes x 7 sets

High hang clean

Hang clean


Build to heavy

Amrap 13

250m Row

10 Box jumps


Foam roll quads and hammies