WOD - Saturday 2021-01-16


Today’s WOD is a 21 minute Amrap of strict pull ups and running. The workout consists of 3 separate 7 minute windows, one starting right after the other for a total of 21 minutes. We will be trying to accumulate as many strict pull ups as possible, with that every time we drop for the bar we are going to run. The first 7 minutes will be a 400 meter run, from minute 7:00 to 14:00 the run will be 200 meters and the final 7 minutes, 14:00 to 21:00 it will be a 100 meter run. Pull ups and chin ups will be used during the workout and the total number of repetitions completed will be your score for the day.


  • Foam roll lats, hamstring, calves

  • Forearm stretch

  • Squat 2 stand-fingers remain under toes

  • Daisy pickers-down and back


  • 20 plate calf raises per leg-slow and controlled focusing on full range of motion

  • 20 Banded Lat Pull downs

  • 15 Plate Calf raises

  • 15 Banded lat pull downs

  • 10 Plate Calf raises

  • 10 Banded Lat pull downs


3 Rounds

10 strict mountain climbers

10 Ring Rows

30 seconds Jumping Jacks


Amrap 21

Run 400/200/100 Meters

Max Reps of Strict Pull-ups/Chin Ups

0:00-7:00 400m run

7:00-14:00 200m run

14:00-21:00 100m run


Calf Stretch

Thread the needle-lat stretch

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