WOD - Saturday 2021-02-13


Today’s WOD we’re going to build to heavy singles on Power cleans along with core and balance work. Power cleans help us develop speed, athleticism, timing, power, explosiveness and mobility. Focusing on a good set-up position, being patient and not pulling too soon will allow us to transition the power from our hips into the bar to achieve successful lifts. Hook grip, shoulders over the bar, shoulder blades pinned together and a tight braced midline and back will be points of emphasis today. We will finish class with L-sit work and balance training practicing front and back scales.



  • Banded tricep stretch x30s per side

  • Banded shoulder stretch x30s per side

  • Banded lat stretch x30s per side

  • T-spine reach with foam roller and empty barbell

Activation - 2 Rounds - Empty barbell then light weight on barbell - 5 reps of each - maintain hook grip throughout

  • RDLs

  • Clean pulls

  • Front squats

  • High Hang clean

  • Hang clean

  • Power Clean


Power Clean


L-sit practice - 10 mins - Rings, bar, boxes

Front and Back scales for 10 minutes


Foam roll lats and rotators

T-spine stretch

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