WOD - Saturday 2021-02-20


Today’s WOD is one from the open in 2015. The 14 minute amrap consists of muscle ups, wall balls and double unders. The scales for this workout will be feet on ground ring muscle ups, lighter wall balls and single unders. We can also substitute chest to bar pull ups for muscle ups. This one is going to be a heavy breather because we are combining gymnastic movements along with high volume wall balls. Technique will be hard to hold onto in this one, so focus on good technique, breathing patterns and breaking movements up into smaller sets to achieve the rep total. Get the heart rate up and blood flowing during warm up!!



  • Calf mash on roller

  • Spiderman cycle x5 per side

  • Banded good mornings x 20 reps

  • Banded squats x 15 reps

  • Banded Presses x 10 reps

Activation - 3 rounds

  • 30 seconds of single unders and mix double unders in as well

  • 1 minute rowing or bike

  • 10 ring rows

  • 5 Med ball cleans


Open 15.3

Amrap 14

7 muscle-ups

50 wall ball shots 14/20 lb

100 double unders


Banded lat stretch x60s per side

Shoulder wall stretch x60s per side

Calf stretch x60s per side

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