WOD - Saturday 2021-02-27


Today’s WOD is a Hero workout for Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger who was a FBI agent that was tragically killed earlier this year. Laura started her career in 2005 and was a decorated agent who specifically pursued those who perpetrated crimes against children. She is survived by her husband and two sons who are also members at CrossFit Vice.

The time-priority triplet is a partner workout that will challenge endurance, stamina and capacity with moderate loads. The partner format makes this an interval workout allowing rest for one partner as the other one works. The reps can be divided in any fashion between athletes to achieve as many rounds as possible in the 21 minutes.


Mobility - 2 rounds

  • 1 min of rowing

  • 10 push ups

  • 15 banded good mornings

  • 15 band pull aparts

  • 30s of side plank + thoracic rotation per side


Power Clean specific - empty barbell

  • Clean deadlift - pause at mid thigh

  • Clean pull

  • Muscle clean

  • Hang power clean

  • Power clean

Build up - 3 rounds

  • 30s of rowing - increase pace each round

  • 3 burpees over rower

  • 3 power cleans - increase loads each set



With a partner complete as many rounds as possible in 21 minutes of:

30 - Cal Row

20 Burpees over the rower

10 Power cleans

♀ 105-lb

♂ 155-lb


Foam roll lower and upper back

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