WOD - Saturday 2021-03-06


Today we are going to take it back to 2016 with open workout 16.1, which is a 20 min amrap of walking lunges, burpees and chest to bar pull ups. The lunges will be completed with a weighted barbell overhead and you will travel 25 feet at a time. The burpees are bar facing so jumping over the barbell will complete each rep followed by chest to bar pull ups. Scaling options will be reducing the weight overhead or using front rack walking lunges in place of the overhead position. If chest to bar pull ups cannot be completed jumping pull ups will be in place of those. The score for the day is the total number of rounds and reps completed in the 20 minutes.



  • Banded ankle stretch x1 min per side

  • Thread the needle w/ foam roller x10 per side

  • T-spine reach w/foam roller and barbell x1 min

  • Banded shoulder stretch x30s per side

  • Banded pigeon stretch x1 min per side

Activation - 2 to 3 rounds

  • Glute Bridges x10 reps

  • Scap Pull ups x 5 reps

  • Reverse flyes x10 reps w/light dumbbells

  • Scap push ups x5 reps

  • Run 1 lap around building


Open Workout 16.1

Amrap 20:

25-ft overhead walking lunges

8 bar facing burpees

25-ft overhead walking lunges

8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

♀ 65-lb lunge ♂ 95-lb lunge


Foam roll back

Hamstring stretch

Couch stretch

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