WOD - Saturday 2021-04-03


Today’s WOD is a conditioning day of sled pushes and running over 45 minutes. The sled push will be 100m followed by a lap around the building. The goal is to be able to give a max effort in the sled push every time followed by a lap around the building at a pace that takes no more than 1 minute to 90 seconds. This is a work/rest, interval workout designed to spike your heart rate and allow you enough time to recover and repeat.



  • Spiderman cycle x5 per side

  • Banded ankle stretch x1 min per

  • Banded pigeon stretch x1 min per side

  • Banded lateral walk/monster walks


  • Runners Warm Up


Sled Push & Run Extravaganza

45 Minute Running Clock

100m Sled Push

1 Lap Around Building


Calf mash

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