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WOD - Thursday 2021-01-14


Today’s WOD is a 20 minute Amrap of rowing, ring dips and Turkish get-ups. This is a pace workout where we are going to find a pace on the rower that we can maintain for the 20 calories each round. The ring dips, box dips or bench dips will start off strong then fade away so sets will be ideal to start with. Turkish get-ups will be done with a weight that allows us to hit 5 reps per side consistently throughout the 20 mins.


  • Spidermans/Down Dog x3 reps per

  • Prone Angels x5 reps

  • Inchworm+2 Plank Taps x5 reps


  • 10 Band Pull aparts

  • 10 Banded Good Mornings

  • 10 Banded OH presses

  • 5 Negative ring dips

  • 3 TGUs per side-no weight


3 Rounds Building to WOD Weight for TGUs.

15 Banded Tricep Ext

10 Rower Pulls

2 TGUs per side-increasing weight each round


Amrap 20

20-Cal Row

15-Ring Dips

10-Turkish Get-Ups


Pec and Shoulder Stretch

Samson Stretch

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