WOD - Thursday 2021-02-11


Today’s WOD is a heavy weightlifting day that challenges overhead strength and flexibility. The goal is to build to a heavy set of 3 overhead squats. We will build to 75-80% of our 1RM during warm-up sets and look to maintain that load throughout our 5 sets or we can continue building to heavier sets through the 5 working sets. Rest will be very important after each set so look to take approximately 3 to 4 minutes of rest between sets.


Mobility - 2 rounds

  • 30 second handstand hold

  • 5 heel elevated plate squats

  • 5 Air squats with 5 second pause in bottom position

  • 5 squat jumps

  • 5 PVC OH squats

  • 30 second reverse grip bar hang

Activation - 5 reps of each with empty barbell

  • Behind neck snatch grip press

  • Tempo Overhead squats - 3 second - eccentric and concentric phases

  • Overhead squats

Build to WOD weight


Overhead Squats



2 rounds

30 second cobra pose

30 second downward dog

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