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WOD - Thursday 2021-04-08


Today we’re going 5 rounds for time. Kettlebell swings, running and ring dips will be the movements in each round. The kettlebell swings should be moderate to heavy but still be able to be completed in 1 or 2 sets at most, shooting for unbroken reps here. The swings will be followed up with a 400m run then a set of ring dips to finish the round. Look for a pace you can maintain through the 5 rounds. Breaking the ring dips into smaller sets will be beneficial from the start to prevent muscle failure and maintain proper form. We will finish off with some midline work with push ups or suitcase carries.



  • Foam roll hamstrings/calf mash -1 min per side

  • T-spine stretch w/reach to KB - 1 min

  • Calf raise on plate - 1 min

  • Banded lateral walks - 2 laps

2 Rounds w/ light KB

  • 15 Goat bags

  • 10 Banded tricep extensions

  • 5 inchworm w/ push ups

  • ½ lap around building


5 Rounds for time:

30 KBS

400m run

15 ring dips


2 min push up challenge or 3 laps with suitcase carry


Standing calf stretch

Tricep stretch

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