WOD - Thursday 2021-04-15


Squat day!!! Today we’ll test our strength on the King/Queen of lifts - Back Squat. While below parallel is always the goal, we should try to force it. Let’s focus on avoiding excessive “butt wink” and forward leaning postures. Keep tight, maintain that tripod foot, hit your depth, and stand strong.

Oh, and we’ll burn the lungs and legs after with some goblet squats and burpees.



  • Spidermans x 5 each (elbow drop + reach + hamstring)

  • 3 min plate squat

Warmup x 2 rounds

  • 10 banded goblet squats

  • 2 lengths of the rig banded monster walks

  • 10 Kang squats (good morning into squat)

  • 10 Curl ups


Back Squats

20 min to find 1 rep max

7 Rounds for time

1 min each movement

10 Goblet squats

8 Over the KB/DB burpees


Quad mash/couch stretch

Aductor mash

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