WOD - Tuesday 2020-12-22


Today’s WOD is a 12 minute amrap with kettlebell swings, push-ups, and kettlebell push press. We’ll be performing American kettlebell swings today, so we may need to look at a slightly lighter kettlebell than normal. We’ll also need additional focus on bracing throughout these explosive swings as we’re adding additional range of motion overhead. Unbroken sets of each movement are a great goal here - really fight to keep hands on the kettlebell for all 24 swings. Don’t let your push-ups get sloppy either.



  • Yogi push-ups w/ OH reach

  • Banded pull-aparts

  • Banded good mornings

  • PVC Front Squats

  • Spidermans x 5 each


  • 5 Rounds 30/15

  • Row or bike

  • Ground to Overhead

  • High plank


Amrap 12:

24 American KBS

12 Hand release push-ups

6 KB push press (total)


5 sets

RFE Split squats x 5 ea @32X0

Bird dog reaches x 5 ea


Wall hinge

Wall V

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