WOD - Tuesday 2021-01-05


Today’s WOD consists of short rowing intervals paired with heavy push press. The row intervals will stay short and consistent at 300m while the push press reps will decrease each round. As cumulative fatigue sets in, we should try to hold a consistent pace each round. The rows should be sprints, and the push press should be split into a max of 3 sets per round.



  • Foam roll lats

  • PVC Shoulders

  • 3 min. Back routine


  • 2 min. row

  • 2 min. Prone angels

  • 10 min to build to WOD weight push press

  • 100m row between each set


For time:

Row 300 meters

20 push presses

Row 300 meters

15 push presses

Row 300 meters

10 push presses

Row 300 meters

5 push presses

65% of 1rm


Banded Shoulders

Banded Hamstrings

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