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WOD - Tuesday 2021-01-19


Today WOD is all about team effort! We’ll split each class into 2 teams (unless there’s 5 or fewer) and push to reach the highest reps per person possible. Each team will rotate through 3 movements however they decide. One rule: The Bike should never be empty. Score is total reps divided by number of team members.



  • Pec mash

  • Calf foam roll


  • 5 Rounds 30/15

  • Reverse lunge to knee raise

  • 5 Scap push-up + 1 push-up

  • Inch worms (focus on pulling hips back)


Team Amrap 15:

Bike (cal)

Box jumps (or step-ups)

S.A. KB floor press


Pec stretch

Down dog w/ calf stretch

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