WOD - Tuesday 2021-02-02


Today’s is a simple couplet of V-ups and overhead walking lunges. We’ll want to choose movement variations and weights that allow us to complete a full round in around 2 minutes or less when fresh. This is a VERY core intensive WOD, so be ready to focus on good breathing for the V-ups and solid bracing during the lunges.



  • PVC pass throughs + around the world

  • T-spine extension on foam roller

  • Foam roll lats

5 Rounds, 30 sec each

  • Plate GTO (ground to overhead)

  • Halos w/ plate

  • Lunges (bodyweight, plate hold, front rack KB right, front rack KB left, OH Plate)

  • Dead bugs


Amrap 12:

20 V-ups

10 left-arm overhead walking lunges

10 right-arm overhead walking lunges


Foam roll quads

Pigeon pose

Cobra pose

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