WOD - Tuesday 2021-02-09


Today’s WOD is meant to test our muscular endurance, stamina, and strength. We’ll be looking for a medium weight on our bar, and a handstand push-ups. The barbell is prescribed at ¾ bodyweight - we can scale this to something that allows 5-10 reps per round, and we’ll look for the same rep range on our handstand push-ups (or variation). Athletes should take approximately 30 seconds rest between movements, but then try to keep rest around 3 minutes between rounds. Your reps should end BEFORE your form breaks down.


2 Rounds

  • 1 min. Row or bike

  • 10 Pass-throughs

  • 10 OH squats

  • 5 Inchworm + push-up

Hang Power Snatch warmup

  • 5-10 reps of each

  • Hang shrug

  • Hang high-pull

  • Muscle snatch

  • Snatch balance

  • Hang power snatch

3 Rounds to build to WOD weight + HSPU variation

  • 5 Hang power snatch

  • 10s handstand hold

  • 3-5 negative HSPU, Pike push-ups, push-ups



5 Rounds for max reps:

¾ Bodyweight hang power snatches

Handstand push-ups

Rest as needed between rounds


Trap mash/stretch

Upper back stretch

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