WOD - Tuesday 2021-02-16


Today’s WOD features 2 Emoms: the first is a barbell complex to challenge our explosiveness and recovery, the second to test our muscular endurance. The complex consists of a snatch (from the floor, catching in a squat) followed by a snatch balance (speed building) and an overhead squat (core and shoulder stability). We’ll look to build our barbell weight throughout 12 minutes, but not beyond the point where our bar speed would change. Our second emom will have us breathing heavy following either a row, bike, jump rope, or battle rope work, and follow it up with a hefty set of push-ups. Consistency is key here. How hard can we push and not falter our reps?


  • Scorpions x 10 each

  • Spidermans x 5 each

  • PVC Pass throughs

  • PVC Around the worlds

  • PVC Overhead squats

  • Empty Bar

  • Burgener Warmup

After Snatch complex:

Test 40 seconds of DUs, Row, Bike, Battle Rope

Test mas set of Push-ups


Emom 12:

Snatch + Snatch Balance + OH Squat

Emom 8:

Odd: Bike, Row, DUs, Battle rope (test for approx. 40 seconds of work)

Even: Push-ups (Approx. 50% of max capacity


Foam roll lats

Mash pecs

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