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WOD - Tuesday 2021-03-02


This Tuesday is filled with hard work and alliteration. Turkish get-ups and Tabatas! 3 sets of 3 Turkish get-ups per arm, focusing on smooth, stable positions throughout the entire movement. Then we’ll transition into 5 body weight tabatas, with no rest between each. The goal will be to maintain intensity throughout each interval, struggling to hold on for the last 3 of each movement.



  • PVC pass throughs

  • PVC around the worlds

  • KB windmills x 10 each

Amrap 6

  • 5 OH lunges each

  • 5 Strict press each

  • 5 Toes to kettlebell (or post)

  • 10 Mountain climbers


Turkish Get-ups


8 rounds of 20/10 per movement

Box jump, 16/20-in. box


Handstand hold




Banded shoulder stretch

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